Clark County Extension District Board:

An organized sub-body of the County Extension Council created by the Clark County Fiscal Court.  The District Board is a body corporate, serving as an agency of the State to manage the affairs ofthe Clark County Extension District, whose boundaries are coexistent with the boundaries of the county.  


Clark County Extension Council (CEC):

An organized body of volunteer leaders that counsels with the Extension agents to help identify issue and community needs.  The CEC gives support to develop and carry out educational programs that contribute to Clark County's social and economic development.

The CEC is made up of members representing each of the four Extension program areas (Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Economic Development), plus the Extension District members.

The CEC is representative of all program areas, all geographic regions of the county, minority groups, and has a male/female balance.  Committees of the CEC are Membership, Nominating, Facilities, Marketing, Programs, and Finance.